Commit 53dc809e authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier
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added self-sending test

parent a8096d3b
......@@ -10,6 +10,12 @@ target_include_directories (test-send-recv PUBLIC
target_link_libraries (test-send-recv mona)
add_executable (test-send-recv-self test-send-recv-self.c munit/munit.c)
target_include_directories (test-send-recv-self PUBLIC
target_link_libraries (test-send-recv-self mona)
add_executable (test-isend-irecv test-isend-irecv.c munit/munit.c)
target_include_directories (test-isend-irecv PUBLIC
......@@ -49,6 +55,7 @@ target_link_libraries (test-na mona)
add_test (NAME TestInit COMMAND ./test-init)
add_test (NAME TestSendRecv COMMAND mpirun -np 2 ./test-send-recv)
add_test (NAME TestSendRecvSelf COMMAND mpirun -np 2 ./test-send-recv-self)
add_test (NAME TestISendIRecv COMMAND mpirun -np 2 ./test-isend-irecv)
add_test (NAME TestISendIRecvMulti COMMAND mpirun -np 2 ./test-isend-irecv-multi)
add_test (NAME TestSendRecvUnexpected COMMAND mpirun -np 2 ./test-send-recv-unexpected)
#include "munit/munit.h"
#include "mona.h"
typedef struct {
mona_instance_t mona;
na_addr_t self_addr;
} test_context;
static void* test_context_setup(const MunitParameter params[], void* user_data)
int ret;
ABT_init(0, NULL);
mona_instance_t mona = mona_init("ofi+tcp", NA_TRUE, NULL);
test_context* context = (test_context*)calloc(1, sizeof(*context));
context->mona = mona;
ret = mona_addr_self(mona, &(context->self_addr));
munit_assert_int(ret, ==, NA_SUCCESS);
return context;
static void test_context_tear_down(void* fixture)
test_context* context = (test_context*)fixture;
mona_addr_free(context->mona, context->self_addr);
static MunitResult test_send_recv_self(const MunitParameter params[], void* data)
test_context* context = (test_context*)data;
na_return_t ret;
mona_instance_t mona = context->mona;
na_size_t msg_len = 8192;
char* buf1 = malloc(msg_len);
char* buf2 = malloc(msg_len);
mona_request_t req;
ret = mona_irecv(mona, buf1, msg_len, context->self_addr, 1234, NULL, NULL, NULL, &req);
munit_assert_int(ret, ==, NA_SUCCESS);
ret = mona_send(mona, buf2, msg_len, context->self_addr, 0, 1234);
munit_assert_int(ret, ==, NA_SUCCESS);
ret = mona_wait(req);
munit_assert_int(ret, ==, NA_SUCCESS);
return MUNIT_OK;
static MunitTest test_suite_tests[] = {
{ (char*) "/hl", test_send_recv_self, test_context_setup, test_context_tear_down, MUNIT_TEST_OPTION_NONE, NULL },
static const MunitSuite test_suite = {
(char*) "/mona/send-recv-self", test_suite_tests, NULL, 1, MUNIT_SUITE_OPTION_NONE
int main(int argc, char* argv[MUNIT_ARRAY_PARAM(argc + 1)]) {
return munit_suite_main(&test_suite, (void*) "mona", argc, argv);
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