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note about queues

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......@@ -197,9 +197,17 @@ The following command will allocate a single JLSE node for your use for 8
hours and open up an interactive terminal on that node.
qsub qsub -I -n 1 -t 480 -q it
qsub qsub -I -n 1 -t 480 -q R.mochi_day1
NOTE: the "R.mochi_day1" part is the name of a reservation that we have in
place to guarantee node availability on the first day from 9am to 5pm.
There are identical reservations in place for day 2 and day 3 called
R.mochi_day2 and R.mochi_day3.
You are welcome to submit jobs after hours as well! Just use `-q it` during
those times for the general availability queues for the nodes we are using.
Once the terminal is open, you can open additional terminals to that node
with ssh. For example:
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