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simple bake hands on using existing progs

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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ make
cd /home/carns/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s4-components/abt-io
cd ~/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s4-components/abt-io
# in one terminal:
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ package from spack:
spack install pmdk
Now go into the pmdk example directory, compile, and run the example.
Now go into the pmdk example directory, compile, and run the example.
cd ~/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s4-components/pmdk
......@@ -68,5 +68,45 @@ pmempool create obj /dev/shm/foo.dat
## Bake
In order to execute this example, you must first install the `bake`
package from spack:
spack install bake
There is no example to compile here; the initial Bake hands-on example uses
the demo Bake daemon and client programs installed with the bake package.
cd ~/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s4-components/bake
# create a ramdisk file to use as the backend storage target for the Bake
# server. This tool creates a libpmemobj formated pmdk file, and then
# adds additional metadata needed by Bake.
bake-mkpool -s 100M /dev/shm/bake.dat
# in one terminal, run the example Bake server daemon. The arguments
# tell the Bake daemon to use shared memory for communication, to store
# data in the just-created target file, and store the network address of
# the server in addr.dat.
bake-server-daemon na+sm:// /dev/shm/bake.dat -f addr.dat
# in another terminal, run a command line tool to copy an example file to
# Bake. The arguments specify the network address and target ID.
# NOTE: the output of this command will display the name of a temporary
# file that contains the Bake region id.
bake-copy-to example.dat `cat addr.dat` 1 1
# confirm that the data is present in the backend memory file
strings /dev/shm/bake.dat
### Exercise
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