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remove stale TODO items

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......@@ -221,17 +221,5 @@ Server running at address na+sm://156045/0
TODO: is this too long (especially with all of the Spack stuff?) Could make
it shorter by bundling some of this into scripts, but then attendees won't
see the inner workings of the environment. Not sure about the tradeoff
TODO: then make 5 minute presentation that summarizes and kicks off the
session so people have the big picture of what they are setting up
TODO: have a few slides (not detailed) how to adapt this stuff for your home
system. Ask people not to start there, do JLSE first. Exercise for the
reader to get their laptop or home cluster set up.
TODO: second example will be an exercise: copy the rpc, rename it, and
modify it to do something else (increment an integer, for example)
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