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added rough notes from this week's discussion

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# Mochi Boot Camp Session 2: Hands-on
TODO: Phil handle JLSE setup/documentation
TODO: make content here first with step by step, details, packages.yaml,
TODO: then make 5 minute presentation that summarizes and kicks off the
session so people have the big picture of what they are setting up
TODO: have a few slides (not detailed) how to adapt this stuff for your home
system. Ask people not to start there, do JLSE first. Exercise for the
reader to get their laptop or home cluster set up.
TODO: initial example is a "hello world" rpc, something attendees can run
without having to write code. Bare minimum expectation to have executed
this by end of session.
TODO: second example will be an exercise: copy the rpc, rename it, and
modify it to do something else (increment an integer, for example)
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 3: SSG
TODO: overview presentation
TODO: example
TODO: can use new SSG if ready; examples can index into sorted list of IDs
rather than using dense indexes directly
TODO: talk about SWIM, and maybe even have it "on" for default setup, but
don't go into detail on it. Most attendees aren't doing redundancy yet
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 4: Components
9:15-9:30: abt-io, pmdk, bake
TODO: have hands on for them, can do if have time to kill in session or if
people want to come back to it
TODO: have nb example ready too, but likely will only speak to it briefly
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 5: Example composed services
TODO: 40 minutes Matthieu Hepnos and Flamestore
TODO: 20 minutes Shane mobject
Point is to give people examples of composition and software engineering
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 6: Miscellaneous
TODO: try to get Srinivasan's breadcrumb summary ready to go if possible by
bootcamp, would be good cornerstone for beginning performance debugging
TODO: breadcrumbs and numactl hands-on (Phil)
TODO: python (Matthieu)
TODO: threading (Shane) building on mobject example, going through
thread organization examples and why you might need them
TODO: how to run Mochi stuff embedded in an MPI program (who?)
TODO: quick tour of network transports (Phil)
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