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brief README for abt-io example

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# Mochi Boot Camp Session 4: Components
9:15-9:30: abt-io, pmdk, bake
## abt-io
TODO: have hands on for them, can do if have time to kill in session or if
people want to come back to it
In order to execute this example, you must first install the `abt-io`
package from spack:
spack install abt-io
Now go into the abt-io example directory, compile, and run the example. It
is based on the `sum` example from session 2, but modified so that the
output from each RPC handler is written to a file instead of to stdout.
cd ~/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s4-components/abt-io
cd /home/carns/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s4-components/abt-io
# in one terminal:
Server running at address na+sm://156045/0
# in the other terminal, run client with argument matching the address
# shown above
./client na+sm://156045/0
After the example program has completed, you can check the directory in
which the server was executing for log files.
### exercise
## pmdk
## bake
TODO: have nb example ready too, but likely will only speak to it briefly
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