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## Modifying the SSG example
Once comfortable with the initial token ring implementation, we will
attempt to modify its behavior. Rather than having all ranks shutdown
immediately on receiving the token, we will instead have rank 0 initiate
shutdowns in reverse-order through the ring once it receives the token. So,
assuming 4 members, once rank 0 receives the initial token, it will tell rank 3
to shutdown, who will tell rank 2 to shutdown, etc., with rank 0 shutting down
last. This requires definition of a new Margo RPC as well as some additional
logic in the existing token forwarding RPC handlers.
Executable `ssg-token-ring2` fully implements this new functionality, which can
be confirmed by executing:
example output
As an exercise, try extending the initial token ring example to account for this
new functionality by directly modifying `ssg-token-ring1.c` and
re-building/re-running. The source code contains `XXX` markers to help point
participants to the right locations in the code to modify. Participants are also
welcome to examine the `ssg-token-ring2.c` source directly for inspiration.
Let us know if you have any questions!
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