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# Mochi Boot Camp Session 3: SSG
TODO: overview presentation
Please refer back to documentation from
[Session 2: Hands-on](sessions/s2-hands-on/ for general details on
logging onto JLSE, installing Mochi software, and running jobs. We will build
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## Building and running the SSG example
As an example demonstration of SSG, we have developed a simple token ring
application. In this example, a group of processes is excecuted using MPI,
with the MPI communicator used to create an SSG group. Using group rank
information, a token is passed around the ring, originating and ending at
rank 0. After each rank receives the forwarded token, it shuts down.
To build this example, run the following:
cd ~/bootcamp/mochi-boot-camp/sessions/s3-ssg/token-ring
TODO: overview presentation
TODO: example
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Note that this builds 2 different executables: `ssg-token-ring1` and
`ssg-token-ring2`. `ssg-token-ring1` implements the token ring functionality
exactly as we have described so far: a single token is sent forward through the
ring, originating and ending at rank 0, with ranks shutting down on receipt
of the token (i.e., rank 1 shuts down first, rank 0 shuts down last).
Using your test system, try executing the example to confirm the behavior:
example output
## Modifying the SSG example
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