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pointer to mailing list and slack instance/channel

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...@@ -23,8 +23,15 @@ TODO: fine tune ...@@ -23,8 +23,15 @@ TODO: fine tune
### Communication ### Communication
TODO: do we need a mailing list for attendees here? Slack? We have these setup Please join the 'mochi-ecp-2020' mailing list for announcements, updates, and discussion
already for the ANL bootcamp, but unclear how to repurpose them...
We are also on Slack. Here's the invite link (expires 5 Feb 2020) for the 'moch-sds' slack instance:
The whole instance is available for general Mochi discussion. We have set up #mochi-bootcamp-ecp-2020 for attendees to the ECP session
# System access for hands-on development # System access for hands-on development
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