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# mochi-boot-camp
# Mochi Boot Camp
Welcome to the 2019 Mochi Boot Camp!
# Schedule
Please see the [agenda]( for the latest updates.
# System access for hands-on development
We will be using systems in the [Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation
(JLSE)]( at ANL for all boot camp experiments.
TODO: explain what the systems are like
TODO: how to access
TODO: how to prepare your environment (we can use "it" queue in JLSE to test
out in advance)
# Session materials
* [Session 1: Margo and Thallium](s1-margo-thallium/
* [Session 2: Hands-on](s2-hands-on/
* [Session 3: SSG](s3-ssg/
* [Session 4: Components](s4-componets/
* [Session 5: Example Composed Services](s5-composed/
* [Session 6: Miscellaneous](s6-misc/
Boot camp training material
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# Mochi Boot Camp Session 1: Margo and Thallium
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 2: Hands-on
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 3: SSG
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 4: Components
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 5: Example composed services
# Mochi Boot Camp Session 6: Miscellaneous
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