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Please see the [agenda]( for the latest updates.
# Meeting logistics
## Meeting time
* 9am to 5pm each day
* Tuesday Sept. 24 through Thursday Sept. 26
## Meeting location:
* Building 202, room B169
* See
* Note that this is *not* the TCS building (the home building for our
department, if you have visited before)
* Visitors must enter through the north gate
* Note that there is a road closure due to construction, so you may need
to take a slightly longer route depending on whether you are coming from
the north gate or from the guest house
## Communication
Feel free to post on if
you would like; all attendees and instructors are members We
have also created a public Slack space for Mochi, which includes
a channel specific to next week's bootcamp. Please join if you
would like to communicate with us or other Mochi users via Slack!
## Food
Coffee/beverage/snack service will be available when the meeting
starts and will be refreshed in the afternoon. For lunch we will
probably walk to the on-site cafeteria, which has a variety of
food options
# System access for hands-on development
We will be using systems in the [Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation
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