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# System access for hands-on development
We will be using systems in the [Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation
(JLSE)]( at ANL for all boot camp experiments. See the
[System access instructions]( for information about how to use the
nodes. There will be time in Session 2 on Tuesday to set things up.
(JLSE)]( at ANL for all boot camp experiments. You can
find documentation for logging into the JLSE environment and running code
there as part of [Session 2: Hands-on](sessions/s2-hands-on/
# Session materials
# Access to JLSE systems for hands-on exercises
## What is the JLSE?
## Logging in
## Using compute nodes
You can get an interactive session on a compute node with the following
`qsub -I -n 1 -t 480 -q it`
* -I means interactive; you will be presented with a command line prompt on
your allocated node. You can also ssh to it to open additional terminals.
Your allocation will end if you log out of the primary terminal, however.
* -n 1 means that you are requesting a single node
* -t 480 means that you are requesting it for 8 hours (480 minutes)
* -q it means that you want to ues the "it" queue. These are the nodes that
we will use for all of this week's experiments
## Configuring the software environment
The "it" compute nodes are all running RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.5. The
easiest way to set up Mochi environment is by building the components that
you need using `spack`.
* looks like the ptrace scope setting is already correct for using na+sm
* stock gcc is very old (4.8.5) but there are newer ones in /soft. Will
check with Ben re: which to use
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