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quick notes on running rpc profiling hands-on

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# Temporary notes
same as initial example (sum), except:
* run from a writeable directory on compute nodes, like `/gpfs/alpine/csc332/scratch/carns`
* Add `-E MARGO_ENABLE_PROFILING=1` to jsrun command line arguments
* after exiting job, generate profile.pdf as follows:
[carns@login5.summit carns]$ module load python/2.7.15-anaconda2-5.3.0
[carns@login5.summit carns]$ margo-gen-profile
*******************MARGO Profile Generator******************
Reading CSV files from: /gpfs/alpine/csc332/scratch/carns
* Copy resulting profile.pdf to your computer and look at it. This example from sum looks a little funny because there is only one rpc, but you can see how much time it took to execute.
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