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# Mochi Boot Camp Session 3: SSG
Please refer back to documentation from
[Session 2: Hands-on](sessions/s2-hands-on/ for general details on
logging onto JLSE, installing Mochi software, and running jobs. We will build
on your Spack environment from that session, additionally installing SSG before
attempting to run and modify an SSG example.
## Installing SSG
Run the following to download, compile, and install Margo:
spack install margo
Note that this SSG installation depends on MPI, with Spack able to identify
an existing mpich installation on the system.
To load the SSG module, run the following:
spack load -r margo
TODO: overview presentation
TODO: example
TODO: can use new SSG if ready; examples can index into sorted list of IDs
rather than using dense indexes directly
TODO: talk about SWIM, and maybe even have it "on" for default setup, but
don't go into detail on it. Most attendees aren't doing redundancy yet
TODO: example
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