Commit f18eaec9 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder

add stubbed out mobject-store source with notes

parent 430da3fe
* (C) 2017 The University of Chicago
* See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory.
#include <margo.h>
#include <ssg.h>
#include "mobject-store.h"
struct mobject_store_handle
const char *mobject_global_pool = "mobject-global-pool";
int mobject_store_create(mobject_store_t *cluster)
/* XXX alloc, set handle */
/* XXX find the SSG group ID for the mobject cluster group */
int mobject_store_connect(mobject_store_t cluster)
/* XXX ssg attach to mobject cluster group id */
int mobject_store_shutdown(mobject_store_t cluster)
/* XXX ssg detatch from mobject cluster group id */
/* XXX free handle */
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