Commit bfdf7bdb authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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bring in all libraries

Still not working quite right for "make distcheck", though..
parent bf223e5a
......@@ -12,13 +12,13 @@ endif
tests_mobject_connect_test_SOURCES = tests/mobject-connect-test.c
tests_mobject_connect_test_CPPFLAGS = -I${srcdir}/include
tests_mobject_connect_test_LDADD = src/
tests_mobject_connect_test_LDADD = src/ ${LIBS}
tests_mobject_server_CPPFLAGS = -I${srcdir}/include
tests_mobject_server_LDADD = ${LIBS} src/
tests_mobject_server_LDADD = src/ ${LIBS}
tests_rados_mobject_connect_test_SOURCES = tests/mobject-connect-test.c
tests_rados_mobject_connect_test_CFLAGS = -DUSE_RADOS
tests_rados_mobject_connect_test_LDADD = -lrados
tests_rados_mobject_connect_test_LDADD = -lrados ${LIBS}
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