Commit 61c2416b authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns

old update, should have been pushed earlier

parent b541341c
......@@ -83,27 +83,12 @@ DEFINE_MARGO_RPC_HANDLER(delegator_read_ult)
int delegator_service_register(margo_instance_id mid, ABT_pool pool, uint32_t mplex_id)
int hret;
hg_id_t id;
hg_bool_t flag;
/* register client-side of function to relay */
/* TODO: make this safe; right now if we register again as a client we lose the RPC
* handler ptr
/* NOTE: this RPC may already be registered if this process has already registered a
* data-xfer service
hret = HG_Registered_name(margo_get_class(mid), "data_xfer_read", &id, &flag);
assert(hret == HG_SUCCESS);
printf("DBG: registering client side data_xfer_read.\n");
g_data_xfer_read_id = MERCURY_REGISTER(margo_get_class(mid), "data_xfer_read",
data_xfer_read_in_t, data_xfer_read_out_t, NULL);
printf("DBG: NOT registering client side data_xfer_read.\n");
g_data_xfer_read_id = id;
/* register RPC handler */
MARGO_REGISTER(mid, "delegator_read", delegator_read_in_t, delegator_read_out_t, delegator_read_ult_handler, mplex_id, pool);
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