Commit 30ce0aa1 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns

add delegator service

parent bb756ca2
......@@ -2,5 +2,6 @@ noinst_PROGRAMS += examples/composition/svc-daemon
examples_composition_svc_daemon_SOURCES = \
examples/composition/svc-daemon.c \
examples/composition/data-xfer-service.c \
* (C) 2015 The University of Chicago
* See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory.
#include <margo.h>
MERCURY_GEN_PROC(delegator_read_out_t, ((int32_t)(ret)))
#endif /* __DELEGATOR_PROTO */
* (C) 2015 The University of Chicago
* See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory.
#include <assert.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include "data-xfer-proto.h"
#include "delegator-proto.h"
#include "delegator-service.h"
static hg_addr_t g_data_xfer_svc_addr = HG_ADDR_NULL;
static hg_id_t g_data_xfer_read_id = -1;
static void delegator_read_ult(hg_handle_t handle)
hg_return_t hret;
delegator_read_out_t out;
delegator_read_in_t in;
data_xfer_read_in_t in_relay;
data_xfer_read_out_t out_relay;
int ret;
const struct hg_info *hgi;
margo_instance_id mid;
hg_handle_t handle_relay;
#if 0
ABT_thread my_ult;
ABT_xstream my_xstream;
pthread_t my_tid;
ret = HG_Get_input(handle, &in);
assert(ret == HG_SUCCESS);
hgi = HG_Get_info(handle);
#if 0
my_tid = pthread_self();
printf("svc1: do_thing: mplex_id: %u, ult: %p, xstream %p, tid: %lu\n",
hgi->target_id, my_ult, my_xstream, my_tid);
out.ret = 0;
mid = margo_hg_class_to_instance(hgi->hg_class);
/* relay to microservice */
hret = HG_Create(margo_get_context(mid), g_data_xfer_svc_addr, g_data_xfer_read_id, &handle_relay);
assert(hret == HG_SUCCESS);
/* pass through bulk handle */
in_relay.bulk_handle = in.bulk_handle;
margo_forward(mid, handle_relay, &in_relay);
hret = HG_Get_output(handle_relay, &out_relay);
assert(hret == HG_SUCCESS);
HG_Free_input(handle, &in);
HG_Free_output(handle_relay, &out);
hret = HG_Respond(handle, NULL, NULL, &out);
assert(hret == HG_SUCCESS);
int delegator_register(margo_instance_id mid, ABT_pool pool, uint32_t mplex_id, hg_addr_t data_xfer_svc_addr)
/* save addr to relay to */
g_data_xfer_svc_addr = data_xfer_svc_addr;
/* register client-side of function to relay */
g_data_xfer_read_id = MERCURY_REGISTER(margo_get_class(mid), "data_xfer_read",
data_xfer_read_in_t, data_xfer_read_out_t, NULL);
/* register RPC handler */
MARGO_REGISTER(mid, "delegator_read", delegator_read_in_t, delegator_read_out_t, delegator_read_ult_handler, mplex_id, pool);
void delegator_deregister(margo_instance_id mid, ABT_pool pool, uint32_t mplex_id)
HG_Addr_free(margo_get_class(mid), g_data_xfer_svc_addr);
/* TODO: undo what was done in delegator_register() */
* (C) 2015 The University of Chicago
* See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory.
#include <margo.h>
int delegator_service_register(margo_instance_id mid, ABT_pool pool, uint32_t mplex_id, hg_addr_t data_xfer_svc_addr);
void delegator_service_deregister(margo_instance_id mid, ABT_pool pool, uint32_t mplex_id);
#endif /* __DELEGATOR_SERVICE */
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