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......@@ -182,3 +182,43 @@ Margo allows several different threading/multicore configurations:
* (for servers) a single Margo instance can launch RPC handlers
on different operating system threads
## V0.2 API changes
The following list provides details on new changes to the Margo API starting in
version 0.2:
* margo_init is much more simplified and initializes Mercury and Argobots on behalf of
the user (with margo_finalize finalizing them in that case)
* the prototype is margo_init(addr_string, MARGO_CLIENT_MODE | MARGO_SERVER_MODE,
use_progress_thread, num_rpc_handler_threads)
* margo_init_pool is still available as an advanced initialize routine, where the
user must initialize Mercury/Argobots and pass in an HG_Context and ABT_pools for
RPC handlers and the progress loop
* Margo now has its own RPC registration functions that should be used for registering
RPCs (as Margo is now attaching internal state to RPCs)
* MARGO_REGISTER is basically equivalent to MERCURY_REGISTER, except it takes a
Margo instance ID rather than a Mercury class
* MARGO_REGISTER_MPLEX is mostly the same as above, but allows a user to specify
an ABT_pool to use for a given RPC type
* relatedly, Margo users should now use margo_register_data (rather than HG_Register_data)
for associating user data with an RPC type
* like Mercury, there is a corresponding margo_registered_data call to retrieve the user pointer
* the following Mercury-like functions are now defined within Margo, although it is
still safe to just use the Mercury calls directly (most are just #defined to the
corresponding Mercury call, anyway):
* margo_registered_disable_response
* margo_addr_free
* margo_addr_self
* margo_addr_dup
* margo_addr_to_string
* margo_create
* margo_destroy
* Note that margo_create/margo_destroy are enhancing HG_Create/HG_Destroy with a
cache of reusable handles, so they may be preferable to the Mercury calls
* margo_bulk_create
* margo_bulk_free
* margo_bulk_deserialize
* margo_hg_handle_get_instance and margo_hg_info_get_instance calls have been added for
retrieving a Margo instance ID given a received handle or the HG info struct associated
with the handle
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