Commit 56a2b658 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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hush unused var warnings

parent a660d149
......@@ -542,7 +542,6 @@ hg_id_t margo_provider_register_name(margo_instance_id mid, const char *func_nam
hg_proc_cb_t in_proc_cb, hg_proc_cb_t out_proc_cb, hg_rpc_cb_t rpc_cb,
uint16_t provider_id, ABT_pool pool)
struct provider_element *element;
hg_id_t id;
int ret;
......@@ -567,9 +566,6 @@ hg_return_t margo_registered_name(margo_instance_id mid, const char *func_name,
hg_return_t margo_provider_registered_name(margo_instance_id mid, const char *func_name,
uint16_t provider_id, hg_id_t *id, hg_bool_t *flag)
hg_bool_t b;
hg_return_t ret;
*id = gen_id(func_name, provider_id);
return HG_Registered(mid->hg_class, *id, flag);
......@@ -1063,9 +1059,6 @@ ABT_pool margo_hg_handle_get_handler_pool(hg_handle_t h)
struct margo_rpc_data* data;
const struct hg_info* info;
hg_id_t base_id;
uint16_t provider_id;
int ret;
ABT_pool pool;
info = HG_Get_info(h);
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