Commit 513d00c7 authored by Srinivasan Ramesh's avatar Srinivasan Ramesh Committed by Philip Carns
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Add fix for unknown target while generating topology

parent 8edb7994
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ class ProfileGenerator:
#Assumption: We make an assumption that there is only one provider of a given type inside a margo instance. If there are multiple, then
#the edge represents the cumulative counts or time values for all providers of a given type.
(source, source_call, destination, dest_call) = edge_info
destination = self.hash64tomid[destination]
destination = self.hash64tomid.get(destination, "UNKNOWN_TARGET")
source_provider = ((self.rpc2name.get(str(source_call), "UNKNOWN")).split("_"))[0]
dest_provider = ((self.rpc2name.get(str(dest_call), "UNKNOWN")).split("_"))[0]
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