Commit 4ee28745 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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more room for internally constructed json string

parent 2ff0473c
......@@ -228,14 +228,24 @@ margo_instance_id margo_init_opt(const char *addr_str, int mode,
const struct hg_init_info *hg_init_info,
int use_progress_thread, int rpc_thread_count)
char cfg_string[128];
int cfg_string_len = 512;
int ret;
char *cfg_string = NULL;
margo_instance_id mid;
cfg_string = malloc(cfg_string_len);
return NULL;
/* NOTE: jansson could be used for more complex encodings, but this one
* is trivial enough to just do with snprintf()
snprintf(cfg_string, 128, "{\"margo\": {\"use_progress_thread\": %d, \"rpc_thread_count\": %d, \"mercury\": {\"addr_str\": \"%s\", \"server_mode\": %d}}}", use_progress_thread, rpc_thread_count, addr_str, mode);
ret = snprintf(cfg_string, cfg_string_len, "{\"margo\": {\"use_progress_thread\": %d, \"rpc_thread_count\": %d, \"mercury\": {\"addr_str\": \"%s\", \"server_mode\": %d}}}", use_progress_thread, rpc_thread_count, addr_str, mode);
assert(ret < cfg_string_len);
return(margo_init_opt_json(hg_init_info, cfg_string));
mid = margo_init_opt_json(hg_init_info, cfg_string);
margo_instance_id margo_init_opt_json(const struct hg_init_info *hg_init_info,
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