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fix doxygen

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......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@
#include <abt.h>
#include <ev.h>
/* TODO: update doxygen, especially with mid arguments */
struct margo_instance;
typedef struct margo_instance* margo_instance_id;
......@@ -21,8 +20,10 @@ typedef struct margo_instance* margo_instance_id;
* Initializes margo library, including initializing underlying libevfibers
* and Mercury instances.
* @param [in] listen flag indicating whether to accept inbound RPCs or not
* @param [in] local_addr address to listen on if listen is set
* @param [in] progress_pool Argobots pool to drive communication
* @param [in] handler_pool Argobots pool to service RPC handlers
* @param [in] hg_context Mercury context
* @param [in] hg_class Mercury class
* @returns margo instance id on success, NULL upon error
margo_instance_id margo_init(ABT_pool progress_pool, ABT_pool handler_pool,
......@@ -30,17 +31,20 @@ margo_instance_id margo_init(ABT_pool progress_pool, ABT_pool handler_pool,
* Shuts down margo library and its underlying evfibers and mercury resources
* @param [in] mid Margo instance
void margo_finalize(margo_instance_id mid);
* Retrieve the ABT pool associated with the main caller (whoever invoked the
* init function); this is where margo will execute RPC handlers.
* Retrieve the abt_handler pool that was associated with the instance at
* initialization time
* @param [in] mid Margo instance
ABT_pool* margo_get_handler_pool(margo_instance_id mid);
* Forward an RPC request to a remote host
* @param [in] mid Margo instance
* @param [in] handle identifier for the RPC to be sent
* @param [in] in_struct input argument struct for RPC
* @returns 0 on success, hg_return_t values on error
......@@ -52,6 +56,7 @@ hg_return_t margo_forward(
* Perform a bulk transfer
* @param [in] mid Margo instance
* @param [in] context Mercury bulk context
* @param [in] op type of operation to perform
* @param [in] origin_addr remote Mercury address
......@@ -73,8 +78,10 @@ hg_return_t margo_bulk_transfer(
size_t local_offset,
size_t size);
/* given a particular hg_class, find the ABT pool that we intend to use to
* execute handlers.
* Retrive the Margo instance that has been associated with a Mercury class
* @param [in] class Mercury class
* @returns Margo instance on success, NULL on error
margo_instance_id margo_hg_class_to_instance(hg_class_t *class);
......@@ -101,6 +108,11 @@ hg_return_t __name##_handler(hg_handle_t handle) { \
return(HG_SUCCESS); \
* macro that declares the prototype for a function to glue an RPC
* handler to a fiber
* @param [in] __name name of handler function
#define DECLARE_ARGO_RPC_HANDLER(__name) hg_return_t __name##_handler(hg_handle_t handle);
#endif /* __MARGO */
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