Commit 38ebdc88 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns

tweak margo progress loop logic

- make sure that we allow for the possibility of ULTs in the same pool
  as the progress loop being resumed by external events
- rely on abt statistics rather than results of Mercury progress and
  trigger calls to determine when to yield.  Mercury return codes can be
  slightly ambiguous when not blocking.
- this prevents periodic stalls when Margo is used in conjunction with
  abt-io and/or self forward calls in Mercury.
parent 3047b307
......@@ -1188,13 +1188,11 @@ static void hg_progress_fn(void* foo)
size_t size;
unsigned int hg_progress_timeout = mid->hg_progress_timeout_ub;
double next_timer_exp;
int trigger_happened;
double tm1, tm2;
int diag_enabled = 0;
trigger_happened = 0;
do {
/* save value of instance diag variable, in case it is modified
* while we are in loop
......@@ -1208,29 +1206,45 @@ static void hg_progress_fn(void* foo)
tm2 = ABT_get_wtime();
__DIAG_UPDATE(mid->diag_trigger_elapsed, (tm2-tm1));
if(ret == HG_SUCCESS && actual_count > 0)
trigger_happened = 1;
} while((ret == HG_SUCCESS) && actual_count && !mid->hg_progress_shutdown_flag);
/* Check to see if there are any runnable ULTs in the pool now. If
* so, then we yield here to allow them a chance to execute.
* We check here because new ULTs may now be elegible as a result of
* being spawned by the trigger, but existing ones also may have been
* activated by an external event.
* NOTE: the output size value does not count the calling ULT itself,
* because it is not technically in the pool as a runnable thread at
* the moment.
ABT_pool_get_size(mid->progress_pool, &size);
ABT_pool_get_size(mid->progress_pool, &size);
/* Are there any other threads executing in this pool that are *not*
* blocked ? If so then, we can't sleep here or else those threads
* will not get a chance to execute.
* TODO: check is ABT_pool_get_size returns the number of ULT/tasks
* that can be executed including this one, or not including this one.
ABT_pool_get_total_size(mid->progress_pool, &size);
/* Are there any other threads in this pool that *might* need to
* execute at some point in the future? If so, then it's not
* necessarily safe for Mercury to sleep here in progress. It
* doesn't matter whether they are runnable now or not, because an
* external event could resume them.
* NOTE: we use ABT_pool_get_total_size() rather than
* ABT_pool_get_size() in order to include suspended ULTs in our
* count. Note that this function *does* count the caller, so it
* will always be at least one, unlike ABT_pool_get_size().
/* TODO: if we knew how many ESes were drawing from this pool then
* this could be less aggressive. For now we assume this is the
* only ES that could be running those threads so we assume that we
* need to allow a context switch on this ES.
if(size > 0)
if(size > 1)
/* TODO: this is being executed more than is necessary (i.e.
* in cases where there are other legitimate ULTs eligible
* for execution that are not blocking on any events, Margo
* or otherwise). Maybe we need an abt scheduling tweak here
* to make sure that this ULT is the lowest priority in that
* scenario.
/* TODO: a custom ABT scheduler could optimize this further by
* delaying Mercury progress until all other runnable ULTs have
* been given a chance to execute. This will often happen
* anyway, but not guaranteed.
if(diag_enabled) tm1 = ABT_get_wtime();
ret = HG_Progress(mid->hg_context, 0);
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