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recommend some Mercury settings

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......@@ -8,12 +8,18 @@ implementation. See the following for more details about each project:
## Dependencies
* mercury (git clone --recurse-submodules
** Note: this code requires Mercury git revision
6b9480aec20a48c6c775c78ed82947af2eb82b03 or later
* argobots (git://
* abt-snoozer (
* libev (e.g libev-dev package on Ubuntu or Debian)
### Recommended Mercury build options
* -DNA_CCI_USE_POLL:BOOL=ON enables the "poll" feature of CCI that will allow
the na_cci plugin to make progress without busy spinning
* -DMERCURY_USE_CHECKSUMS:BOOL=OFF disables automatic checksumming of all
Mercury RPC messages. This reduces latency by removing a layer of
integrity checking on communication.
## Building
Example configuration:
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