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remove deprecated instructions for cci

config file no longer required, and hasn't been for some time
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......@@ -110,26 +110,6 @@ You can use either the CCI NA plugin or BMI NA plugin to use either the CCI or B
Add the -DNA_USE_CCI:BOOL=ON option to the Mercury configuration.
You must set the CCI_CONFIG environment variable to point to a valid CCI
configuration file. You can use the following example and un-comment the
appropriate section for the transport that you wish to use. Note that there
is no need to specify a port; Mercury will dictate a port for CCI to use if
# use this example for TCP
transport = tcp
interface = lo # switch this to eth0 or an external hostname for non-localhost use
## use this example instead for shared memory
# transport = sm
## use this example instead for InfiniBand
# transport = verbs
# interface = ib0
You must then use addresses appropriate for your transport at run time when
executing Margo examples. Examples for server "listening" addresses:
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