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......@@ -94,6 +94,53 @@ The workspace contains two folders.
* _models_: this folder will contain persisted Keras models
in the form of HDF5 files.
### Configuring the workspace
Once the workspace is created, there are a few things you can tune.
Open the _config.json_ file that the workspace contains. You should
see something like this:
"worker": {
"provider_id": 1
"manager": {
"provider_id": 1,
"controller": {
"config": {},
"class": "flamestore.controllers.DefaultController"
"bake": {
"provider_id": 1,
"targets": [
"info": null,
"name": "/dev/shm/flamestore.%{rank}.dat",
"size": 200
"protocol": "tcp"
One thing you may want to change is the name and size
of the target file in the `bake.targets` array.
This file is where the data will be stored in worker. Typically,
this should be the path to a file on a local disk or on a memory
device (here for instance `/dev/shm`). The size of the file is
expressed in MB.
Note that the `%{rank}` token will be replaced by the rank of
the process in its `MPI_COMM_WORLD`. You can also use `%{time}`,
which will be replaced with the number of seconds since epoch
(useful to make sure a new target file is created at every run).
**Important:** right now these targets are not deleted when
the workers terminate. You need to manually remove them.
### Starting up FlameStore
FlameStore can be started in four ways.
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