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additional documentation about Cray build process

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# Running on Cray
## building
Intel compiler might not support all the C++14 or argobots atomics features of
our stack, so use the gnu compiler with
module swap PrgEnv-intel PrgEnv-gnu
Some of our packages have both static and shared libs, others have just shared.
To get Cray toolchain to only build and link with shared libs, I had to
configure like this:
configure CFLAGS=-dynamic CC=cc CXX=CC --host x86-linux-gnu
Otherwise, configure will fail to find the Mercury libraries and the configure
test for ssg features will fail.
Argonne's Theta sysem is a Cray XC40. It uses 'aprun' to launch jobs.
As long as you have requested enough nodes, you can launch as many 'aprun'
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