Commit 3d857853 authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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fix incorrect bulk buffer management

If some servers had no work, we would end up asynchronously completing on a
garbage request.
parent b3fc8fc6
......@@ -193,12 +193,14 @@ static size_t bv_io(bv_client_t client, const char *filename, io_kind op,
std::vector<tl::async_response> responses;
std::vector<tl::bulk> my_bulks;
for (unsigned int i=0; i< client->targets.size(); i++) {
/* i: index into container of remote targets
* j: index into container of bulk regions -- different because we skip
* over targets without any work to do for this request */
for (unsigned int i=0, j=0; i< client->targets.size(); i++) {
if (my_reqs[i].mem_vec.size() == 0) continue; // no work for this target
my_bulks.push_back(client->engine->expose(my_reqs[i].mem_vec, mode));
responses.push_back(rpc.on(client->targets[i]).async(my_bulks[i], std::string(filename), my_reqs[i].offset, my_reqs[i].len));
responses.push_back(rpc.on(client->targets[i]).async(my_bulks[j++], std::string(filename), my_reqs[i].offset, my_reqs[i].len));
for (auto &r : responses) {
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