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# bake-bulk
Example execution:
## Dependencies
$ ./bake-bulk-server sm://1/1 /dev/shm/foo.dat
* uuid (install uuid-dev package on ubuntu)
* NVML/libpmem (see instructions below)
* margo (see instructions at
$ ./bb-latency-bench sm:///tmp/cci/sm/carns-x1/1/1 100000 4 8
You can compile and install the latest git revision of NVML as follows:
The tcmalloc library will lower and stabilize latency somewhat. On ubuntu
you can use tcmalloc by running this in the terminal before the server and
client commands:
* `git clone`
* `cd nvml`
* `make`
* `make install prefix=/home/carns/working/install/`
## Compilation
* `./`
* `mkdir build`
* `cd build`
* `../configure --prefix=/home/carns/working/install`
* `make`
If any dependencies are installed in a nonstandard location, then
modify the configure step listed above to include the following argument:
* `PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/carns/working/install/lib/pkgconfig`
## Server daemon execution example (using tmpfs memory as backing store)
* `truncate -s 500M /dev/shm/foo.dat`
* `pmempool create obj /dev/shm/foo.dat`
* `bake-bulk-server sm://1/1 /dev/shm/foo.dat`
### Explanation
The truncate command creates an empty 500 MiB file in /dev/shm,
which will act as a ramdisk for storage in this case. You can skip this step
if you are using a true NVRAM device file.
The pmempool command formats the storage device as a pmem target for
The bake-bulk-server command starts the server daemon.
The first argument to bake-bulk-server is
the address for Mercury to listen on. In this case we are using the CCI/SM
transport, and the "1/1" portion of the URL specifies the last two components
of the /tmp path to use for SM connection information. For other transports
this would more likely just be a port number.
The second argument to bake-bulk-server is the path to the libpmem-formatted
storage device.
## Benchmark execution example
* `./bb-latency-bench sm:///tmp/cci/sm/carns-x1/1/1 100000 4 8`
This example runs a sequence of latency benchmarks. Other bb- utilities
installed with bake-bulk will perform other rudimentary operations.
The first argument is the address of the server. We are using CCI/SM in this
case, which means that the URL is a path to the connection information of the
server in /tmp. The base (not changeable) portion of the path is
/tmp/cci/HOSTNAME. The remainder of the path was specified by the server
daemon when it started.
The second argument is the number of benchmark iterations.
The third and fourth arguments specify the range of sizes to use for read and
write operations in the benchmark.
## Misc tips
Memory allocation seems to account for a significant portion of
the latency as of this writing. The tcmalloc library will lower and
stabilize latency somewhat as a partial short-term solution. On ubuntu
you can use tcmalloc by running this in the terminal before the server
and client commands:
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/
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