Commit 5bc4d532 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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update to match new margo handler conventions

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......@@ -8,24 +8,22 @@
#include "bake-bulk-rpc.h"
/* service a remote RPC that instructs the server daemon to shut down */
static void bake_bulk_shutdown_ult(void *_arg)
static void bake_bulk_shutdown_ult(hg_handle_t handle)
hg_handle_t *handle = _arg;
hg_return_t hret;
struct hg_info *hgi;
margo_instance_id mid;
printf("Got RPC request to shutdown\n");
hgi = HG_Get_info(*handle);
hgi = HG_Get_info(handle);
mid = margo_hg_class_to_instance(hgi->hg_class);
hret = margo_respond(mid, *handle, NULL);
hret = margo_respond(mid, handle, NULL);
assert(hret == HG_SUCCESS);
/* NOTE: we assume that the server daemon is using
* margo_wait_for_finalize() to suspend until this RPC executes, so there
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