Commit 535dae12 authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier

corrected error with string concatenation

parent c9f647f2
......@@ -1426,10 +1426,12 @@ typedef struct migration_cb_args {
static void migration_fileset_cb(const char* filename, void* arg)
migration_cb_args* mig_args = (migration_cb_args*)arg;
char* fullname = strcat(mig_args->root, filename);
char fullname[1024];
fullname[0] = '\0';
strcat(fullname, mig_args->root);
strcat(fullname, filename);
bake_target_id_t tid;
bake_provider_add_storage_target(mig_args->provider, fullname, &tid);
static void bake_target_migration_callback(remi_fileset_t fileset, void* uarg)
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