Commit 3f8adcbe authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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correctly handle creating new pmem targets

parent 5d274065
......@@ -92,14 +92,16 @@ static int bake_pmem_backend_initialize(bake_provider_t provider,
new_context->root = strndup(path, d);
struct json_object* pmem_backend_json = NULL;
struct json_object* target_array = NULL;
struct json_object* val = NULL;
CONFIG_HAS_OR_CREATE_OBJECT(provider->json_cfg, "pmem_backend",
"pmem_backend", pmem_backend_json);
CONFIG_HAS_OR_CREATE(pmem_backend_json, int64,
"default_initial_target_size", 1073741824,
"pmem_backend.default_initial_target_size", val);
CONFIG_HAS_OR_CREATE_ARRAY(pmem_backend_json, "targets",
"pmem_backend.targets", target_array);
/* TODO: populate tuning parameters specific to this backend */
new_context->pmem_pool = pmemobj_open(path, NULL);
if (!(new_context->pmem_pool)) {
BAKE_ERROR(provider->mid, "pmemobj_open: %s", pmemobj_errormsg());
......@@ -1131,7 +1131,15 @@ static int attach_targets(bake_provider_t provider,
char** target_names = NULL;
int target_names_count = 0;
struct json_object* targets;
struct json_object* val;
struct json_object* _target;
size_t default_initial_target_size = 0;
if (CONFIG_HAS(backend, "default_initial_target_size", val)) {
default_initial_target_size = json_object_get_int(val);
BAKE_DEBUG(provider->mid, "default_initial_target_size: %lu",
if (CONFIG_HAS(backend, "targets", targets)) {
target_names_count = json_object_array_length(targets);
......@@ -1164,12 +1172,10 @@ static int attach_targets(bake_provider_t provider,
ret = bake_provider_attach_target(provider, target_names[i], &tid);
if (ret == BAKE_ERR_NOENT) {
/* doesn't exist; attempt to create */
/* TODO: need a way to determine file size here. Maybe a
* default initial size specified in the provider json?
BAKE_TRACE(provider->mid, "attempting to create target[%u]: %s",
i, target_names[i]);
ret = bake_provider_create_target(provider, target_names[i], 0,
ret = bake_provider_create_target(provider, target_names[i],
if (ret != BAKE_SUCCESS) { goto error; }
......@@ -1195,17 +1201,26 @@ static int configure_targets(bake_provider_t provider,
struct json_object* _config)
struct json_object* val;
struct json_object* backend;
int ret;
if (CONFIG_HAS(_config, "file_backend", val)) {
if (CONFIG_HAS(_config, "file_backend", backend)) {
BAKE_TRACE(provider->mid, "checking file_backend object in json");
ret = attach_targets(provider, "file", val);
ret = attach_targets(provider, "file", backend);
if (ret != BAKE_SUCCESS) return (ret);
if (CONFIG_HAS(_config, "pmem_backend", val)) {
if (CONFIG_HAS(_config, "pmem_backend", backend)) {
/* NOTE: the following configuration default setting is duplicated
* in the pmem backend as well. We need it early here to make sure
* that if any pmem targets are created from scratch then we know
* what size to make them.
CONFIG_HAS_OR_CREATE(backend, int64, "default_initial_target_size",
"pmem_backend.default_initial_target_size", val);
BAKE_TRACE(provider->mid, "checking pmem_backend object in json");
ret = attach_targets(provider, "pmem", val);
ret = attach_targets(provider, "pmem", backend);
if (ret != BAKE_SUCCESS) return (ret);
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