Commit c0807c0b authored by gropp's avatar gropp
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Added more comments about the reason for not using -fno-common

parent e75170e8
......@@ -2377,6 +2377,13 @@ AC_SUBST(XARGS_NODATA_OPT)
# Force ranlib to handle correctly (ranlib -c on some BSD and MAC OS platforms)
# or force gcc to not generate common symbols if using gcc (-fno-common).
# This autoconf macro checks for this.
# Note that if an option is added to CFLAGS, that option MUST NOT appear
# in MPI_CFLAGS (i.e., the options used in mpicc)
# Also note that it should not be necessary to use this option - it
# is almost always possible to avoid "common" symbols, and this approach
# is gcc-specific (if it needs to choose -fno-common), which we want to avoid.
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