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......@@ -162,8 +162,8 @@ the commands provided by the file system to access the file, for example,
{\tt ls}, {\tt mv}, {\tt cp}, {\tt rm}, {\tt ftp}.
Please read the limitations of this version of ROMIO that are listed
in Section~\ref{sec:limit} of this document (e.g., {\tt MPIO\_Request}
object, restriction to homogeneous environments).
in Section~\ref{sec:limit} of this document (e.g., restriction to homogeneous
\subsection{ROMIO Optimizations}
......@@ -229,7 +229,7 @@ Determines when ROMIO will choose to perform data sieving.
Valid values are \texttt{enable}, \texttt{disable}, or \texttt{automatic}.
Default value is \texttt{automatic}. In \texttt{automatic} mode ROMIO
may choose to enable or disable data sieving based on heuristics.
\item \texttt{romio\_ds\_write} -- Currently this hint is ignored.
\item \texttt{romio\_ds\_write} -- Same as above, only for writes.
The following hints control the two-phase (collective buffering)
......@@ -608,7 +608,8 @@ followed by {\tt make}.
32-bit systems running linux kernel version 2.4.0 or newer and glibc
version 2.2.0 or newer can support files greater than 2 GBytes in size.
This support is not automatic, however.
This support is currently automaticly detected and enabled. We document the
manual steps should the automatic detection not work for some reason.
The two macros {\tt\_FILE\_OFFSET\_BITS=64} and
{\tt\_LARGEFILE64\_SOURCE} tell gnu libc it's ok to support large files
......@@ -705,16 +706,6 @@ revision 1.2.1 or later, all MPI-IO functions return only two possible
error codes---{\tt MPI\_SUCCESS} on success and {\tt MPI\_ERR\_UNKNOWN}
on failure.
\item All nonblocking I/O functions use a ROMIO-defined {\tt MPIO\_Request}
object instead of the usual {\tt MPI\_Request} object. Accordingly, two
functions, {\tt MPIO\_Test} and {\tt MPIO\_Wait}, are provided to test
and wait on these {\tt MPIO\_Request} objects. They have the same
semantics as {\tt MPI\_Test} and {\tt MPI\_Wait}.\\
\hspace*{.4in} {\tt int MPIO\_Test(MPIO\_Request *request, int *flag, MPI\_Status *status);}\\
\hspace*{.4in} {\tt int MPIO\_Wait(MPIO\_Request *request, MPI\_Status *status);}\\
The usual functions {\tt MPI\_Test}, {\tt MPI\_Wait}, {\tt MPI\_Testany},
and so forth, will not work for nonblocking I/O.
\item This version works only on a homogeneous cluster of machines,
and only the ``native'' file data representation is supported.
......@@ -768,23 +759,15 @@ mpif.h} of an older version of MPICH.
\section{ROMIO Users Mailing List}
Please register your copy of ROMIO with us by sending e-mail
to {\tt} with the message
{\tt subscribe romio-users}
{\noindent This} will enable us to notify you of new releases of ROMIO
as well as bug fixes.
% this mailing list has been dead for a while
\section{Reporting Bugs}
If you have trouble, first check the users guide. Then check if there
is a list of known bugs and patches on the ROMIO web page at {\tt}.
Finally, if you still have problems, send a detailed message containing:\\
is a list of known bugs and patches on the ROMIO web page at {\tt}. Finally, if you still have problems, send a
detailed message containing:\\
\hspace*{.2in}$\bullet$ the type of system (often {\tt uname -a}),\\
\hspace*{.2in}$\bullet$ the output of {\tt configure},\\
\hspace*{.2in}$\bullet$ the output of {\tt make}, and \\
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