Commit af4c1263 authored by gropp's avatar gropp
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Added device option for --with-timer

parent f05dcd59
......@@ -4608,6 +4608,7 @@ for MPI_Wtime and internal timestamps. name may be one of
linux86_cycle - Linux x86; returns cycle counts, not time in seconds
linuxalpha_cycle - Like linux86_cycle, but for Linux Alpha
gcc_ia64_cycle - IPF ar.itc timer
device - The timer is provided by the device
if test -z "$timer_type" ; then
......@@ -4807,6 +4808,14 @@ pac_cv_linuxalpha_cycle,[
# The device selected should export the datatype for the timer
# in MPID_DEVICE_TIMER_TYPE if something other than long is needed
if test -n "$MPID_DEVICE_TIMER_TYPE" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Invalid timer type $timer_type])
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