Commit 209dd38d authored by jayesh's avatar jayesh
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1) Open the *correct* Version file (2) Avoid reading newline from the Version file

parent 85331c6c
......@@ -1008,14 +1008,15 @@ End Function
' Get MPICH2 Version
Function GetMPICH2Version()
if f.FileExists("src\maint\Version") then
if f.FileExists("maint\Version") then
Dim fin, ver
Set fin = f.OpenTextFile("src\maint\Version")
ver = fin.ReadAll()
Set fin = f.OpenTextFile("maint\Version")
ver = fin.ReadLine()
GetMPICH2Version = ver
GetMPICH2Version = "1.0.5"
GetMPICH2Version = "0.0.0"
end if
End Function
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