1. 08 Aug, 2012 4 commits
    • James Dinan's avatar
      [svn-r10116] Reversed r10057. · f5ce7800
      James Dinan authored
      This patch was a quick fix, which moved shared memory segment support from
      Nemesis up to ch3 in order to support shared memory windows.  This
      functionality has been pushed down into Nemesis, so the r10057 fix is no longer
      Reviewer: buntinas
    • James Dinan's avatar
      [svn-r10115] New CH3 window functions interface. · 55589398
      James Dinan authored
      This adds the win_fns table to ch3, which allows the channel to override the
      default implementation of window creation routines provided by ch3.  This also
      pushes the implementation of shared memory windows down into Nemesis, includes
      window functions for sock, and contains multiple improvements to the window
      creation functions code.
      Reviewer: buntinas
    • James Dinan's avatar
      [svn-r10114] Removed old/unused RMA vtable in CH3. · 52d980d7
      James Dinan authored
      Removed the old RMA virtual function infrastructure from CH3 -- this code was
      all already dead.  Function overrides are already provided per-window in the
      MPID_Win structure.  Overrides for non-window-specific (window creation)
      operations will be added shortly.
      Reviewer: buntinas
    • David Goodell's avatar
      [svn-r10113] tt#1658: remove '$^' GNU make-ism · 53dc5bd3
      David Goodell authored
      Also drop an unnecessary "$(top_builddir)" that seemed to be confusing
      the FreeBSD make program for some reason.
      No reviewer.
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