1. 20 Oct, 2009 15 commits
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      [svn-r5482] Fix a copy-paste error resulting in compilation failure when plpa is · adcd2af4
      Pavan Balaji authored
      not selected.
      Build hwloc when its selected, instead of just configuring it.
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      [svn-r5481] Move macro definitions out of aclocal.m4 to aclocal_util.m4 · 752a37e6
      Pavan Balaji authored
      (aclocal.m4 should only contain includes to other m4 files). The
      problem is basically a small behavioral difference between automake
      and simplemake.
      Simplemake requires the special file "aclocal.m4" to be present in the
      included path (confdb/aclocal.m4). The confdb/aclocal.m4 file needs to
      explicitly include all other m4 files as needed.
      Automake creates its own aclocal.m4 if its not present, and
      automatically includes all m4 files present in the included path
      (confdb/*.m4). However, if the included path has another aclocal.m4,
      it ignores it.
      This is mostly fine, except that confdb/aclocal.m4 contains some
      macros which are also being ignored by automake (since it ignores the
      entire file), but not by simplemake. This patch just moves them to a
      different file. This way, simplemake can continue to use
      confdb/aclocal.m4 and automake can continue to ignore it, but things
      will still work.
      Reviewed by goodell.
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      [svn-r5480] Added an initial draft of the hwloc process binding library as an · 69cd71d9
      Pavan Balaji authored
      alternative to plpa. The following parts still need to be done:
      1. Check when hwloc is usable and when it is not. Ideally the hwloc
      configure should deal with this, and we should be able to always
      enable it.
      2. Initialize appropriate structures with hwloc. We might need to
      modify the underlying hydra binding infrastructure a bit, since hwloc
      is more powerful than plpa (assuming we want to use the extra
      3. This commit directly drops in the released version of hwloc, which
      contains a bunch of autogenerated files. The problem with using an svn
      version is that hwloc uses libtool, while we don't. We need to either
      edit the released version of hwloc to manually remove parts of it, or
      start using libtool.
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