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      [svn-r7653] Generalize the management of 'prepend regex'. Allow a regular · 1077388c
      Pavan Balaji authored
      expression to be prepended to the output. -prepend-rank is a subset of
      this generalized capability.
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      [svn-r7652] Code-cleanup. · c82b8aeb
      Pavan Balaji authored
      1. Move UI specific parameters to a different structure, so other
      components don't see them.
      2. Rename HYD_handle to HYD_server_info to make the data in it
      3. Rename hydra.h to hydra_server.h (this is only used by the server
      side). Also make sure the proxy side code does not include it.
      4. Merge hydra_base.h and hydra_utils.h and make it hydra.h, as these
      are the utility functions used for both the servers and the proxies.
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      [svn-r7651] Cleanup the README to make somethings clearer: · e70e6c53
      Pavan Balaji authored
      1. Point out that C++, F77 and F90 support is optional and the users
      can disable them.
      2. Remove the recommendation for VPATH builds. While this is a
      convenient option for system administrators or developers who maintain
      multiple copies of MPICH2 builds, it is confusing for users.
      3. Remove redundant description of configure options.
      4. Remove the MPICH_INTERFACE_HOSTNAME environment variable from the
      README, as in the default PM, we automatically pass it based on the
      host list provided by the user.
      5. Cleaned up several descriptions.
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