1. 09 Jan, 2013 3 commits
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      Linked list construction benchmark test cases · ff1d777a
      James Dinan authored
      This test case is a variation on the linked list test case that builds a linked
      list with a deterministic structure; node k in the list is owned by rank (k %
      nproc).  Three variations are included to exercise lock-exclusive, lock-shared,
      and lock-all synchronization modes.
      Reviewer: none
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      [svn-r10801] ROMIO: error checking for MPI_Comm and MPI_Info objects · 47754bc5
      David Goodell authored
      1). There was error checking on the comm object in
          MPI_Comm_test_inter(comm, &flag); So if the return value of
          MPI_Comm_test_inter is not MPI_SUCCESS, then the comm is either an
          invalid MPI_Comm handle or intercommunicator handle.
      2). A new macro MPIO_CHECK_INFO is added into adioi_error.h. It will
          call MPI_Info_dup, unless there is no more memory space left , as
          long as the info object is valid, this function will return
          MPI_SUCCESS; or it will return an error code. So by checking the
          return value of MPI_Info_dup, we could achieve the purpose of
          checking MPI_Info handles.
      Based on patch 0006 from the second round of IBM's error checking
      patches.  Replaces 0009 from the first round and augments r10637.
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      [svn-r10800] ROMIO: check for consistent prealloc sizes · 208d90e6
      David Goodell authored
      By using MPI_Allreduce to get the maximum value and minimum value of all
      sizes, when the two values are identical, all processes have same values
      of size.  The problem of checking the sizes with MPI_Bcast is that the
      root will pass the check while the others not.
      Based on patch 0004 from the second round of IBM's error checking
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      [svn-r10799] ROMIO: check whether datatypes are committed · 011f107a
      David Goodell authored
      This only works when ROMIO is built with MPICH.
      Based on patch 0001 from the second round of IBM's error checking
      patches.  Replaces 0008 from the first round.
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      [svn-r10796] update version.m4 for 3.0.1 release · 6aab201f
      David Goodell authored
      No ABI changes, just hydra fixes, so 10:0:0 becomes 10:1:0.
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