1. 30 May, 2015 4 commits
  2. 28 May, 2015 1 commit
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      Fix threaded MPI_Comm_idup · c3184ef2
      Huiwei Lu authored
      Removes unnecessary thread yielding in threaded nonblocking context id
      allocation algorithm. The error was introduced by "copy-pasting" from
      the blocking context id allocation algorithm
      (MPIR_Get_contextid_sparse_group) when implementing the nonblocking
      algorithm. Note the subtle difference on thread handling between the
      two. In the blocking algorithm, yield is needed to allow another thread
      to make progress. In nonblocking algorithm, there is no need to yield to
      another thread because this thread will not block the progress. On the
      contrary, unnecessary yield will allow other threads to execute and
      insert wrong order of entries to the nonblocking schedule and cause
      Fixes #2183
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJunchao Zhang <jczhang@mcs.anl.gov>
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      OFI: Bug fix for RTS/CTS/DATA protocol. · 2069c15e
      Valentin Petrov authored
      MPID_nem_ofi_data_callback used to check sreq->cc in order to track progress of
      the RTS/CTS/DATA protocol. The was an implicit assumption that fi_tsend with RTS
      completes first. However this would cause a hang if fi_trecv completed earlier.
      The fix is: don't rely on the cc but rather check the tag bits explicitly.
      Note, the RTS/CTS/DATA bits are no longer accumulated (i.e., no more
      "wc->tag | CTS/DATA").
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCharles J Archer <charles.j.archer@intel.com>
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      OFI: MPIR_Barrier_impl should not be called from MPID_nem_ofi_finalize. · 34e57aa8
      Valentin Petrov authored
      It uses nemesis shared memory which is already cleaned up at this stage.
      However, w/o any synchronization a hang in the close protocol is possible
      since rts/cts/data messages may be on the fly. This change fixes the issue.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCharles J Archer <charles.j.archer@intel.com>
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      OFI: Add support for large tags using immediate data and OFI tag layouts · ec920e5f
      Valentin Petrov authored
      This patch modifies the OFI netmod to support large tag layouts, while preserving the old
      tag layout.  OFI defines a 64 bit tag, but also provides for a 64 bit tag and immediate data.
      In some OFI providers, we may want to select different tag layouts.  This patch currently
      does not query for the proper tag layout or attempt to make a choice of the optimal layout,
      it provides macro/templatized support for different tag formats.  Additional selection
      criteria will be added in subsequent patches.
        * Tag layout is moved to a separate file.
          Added init_sendtag_M2, init_recvtag_M2 (M2 stands for MODE #2, i.e. the mode
          that uses fi_tsenddata and does not pack source into tag).
        * Created a template file for ofi_tagged.c
          Moved do_isend into template file which is included twice into ofi_tagged.c thus providing for the two
          versions of do_isend and do_isend_2 corresponding to the two API sets.
        * All send functions are available in two versions.
          Added macro that declares a function for the two API sets. The first set has the namings inherited from
          the previous netmod version. The functions of the second API set have the "_2" suffix.
        * Recv_posted, anysource_posted, recv_callback, ofi_probe  are templatized.
        * ofi_tag_to_vc renamed ofi_wc_to_vc
          Note, for the API_SET_2 the pgid is stored in the imm data while
          psource and port will be packed the same way as in API_SET_1.
        * Adds api_set member in gl_data struct.  Initialize routines based on api_set
        * Added RCD (RtsCtsData) protocol identifiers
        * Added support for OFI MEM_TAG_FORMAT
        * PGID placement modified
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCharles J Archer <charles.j.archer@intel.com>
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