1. 25 Jan, 2013 2 commits
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      Add configure args to selectively enable MPIT pvars. · a4d103b7
      Ralf Gunter authored
      Users can now pass --enable-mpit-pvars to configure to statically
      enable/disable MPIT performance variables so as to limit performance
      impacts only to those variables they need.
      Current valid arguments are as follows:
          none     - No performance info recorded
          recvq    - All message queue-related variables
          nem      - All nemesis-related variables
          all      - All variables above
      A macro framework is added to facilitate the addition of new variables
      (see MPIR_T_GATE on mpid_common_statistics.h).
      Also add a check to the MPIT nemesis test to ensure that the variables
      being tested have been registered with the runtime.
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      Add MPIT variables and corresponding tests. · 46eacfc7
      Ralf Gunter authored
      The following MPIT performance variables are added:
       - nem_fbox_fall_back_to_queue_count;
       - time_failed_matching_postedq;
       - time_matching_unexpectedq;
       - unexpected_recvq_buffer_size.
      Some common MPIT-related routines, handle creation functions and
      enable/disable switches are gathered in a common file.
      Two test cases are furnished, but not yet integrated with 'make check'.
  2. 20 Oct, 2012 2 commits
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      [svn-r10426] MPI-3 RMA Flush implementation · 7e3e73a2
      James Dinan authored
      This commit implements MPI-3 RMA's flush and flush_all operations.
      Reviewer: buntinas
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      [svn-r10423] Added passive target immediate locking · 5109ab1b
      James Dinan authored
      When enabled, this mode of operation immediately requests the lock when
      MPI_Win_lock is called.  Currently, this is enabled by setting the
      MPICH_RMA_LOCK_IMMED environment variable.  In the future, we can also make
      this mode of operation available though an info/assert.  This capability is
      needed to implement MPI-3's flush operations.
      Reviewer: buntinas
  3. 11 Oct, 2012 1 commit
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  5. 20 Sep, 2012 1 commit
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      [svn-r10249] Updated fetch_and_op implementation · 9574b9ab
      James Dinan authored
      Updated the fetch_and_op implementation to have two data transfer paths; one
      where data can be embedded in the packet header and one where it is sent
      separately.  With this change, the header size is back to 40 bytes.
      Reviewer: buntinas
  6. 07 Sep, 2012 1 commit
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  9. 06 Nov, 2010 1 commit
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      [svn-r7416] Major improvement to RMA performance for long lists of operations,... · 3608ca24
      William Gropp authored
      [svn-r7416] Major improvement to RMA performance for long lists of operations, an immediate mode accumulate for single ints, store the MPID_Comm within the window, and added a basic performance instrumentation interface that was extensively used to improve the RMA performance (enabled with --enable-g=instr).  With these fixes, MPICH2 can run the one-sided version of the Graph500 benchmark at a respectable if not great rate
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      [svn-r3070] Added ATTRIBUTE((unused)) (which is defined to work with gcc and... · 8fe6a1a0
      William Gropp authored
      [svn-r3070] Added ATTRIBUTE((unused)) (which is defined to work with gcc and disappear for other compilers only to the functions whose arguments are defined by a general pattern (such as a request handler) and thus must be used even if not needed.  For functions that have parameters that are not used and are not needed to conform to a pattern, do not use ATTRIBUTE((unused)), instead, fix the routine to either make use of the argument in a real way or change the routine to not pass the argument.
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