1. 31 Oct, 2014 3 commits
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      Add a queue for shm RTS messages · 81b3911a
      Wesley Bland authored
      RTS messages (the first part of the LMT sequence) had no way of being
      cancelled if an error occurred. This adds a small queue that keeps track
      of these messages. If a failure is detected, the message is removed from
      the queue and the associated request is cancelled to get out of the
      progress engine.
      See #1945
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHuiwei Lu <huiweilu@mcs.anl.gov>
    • Wesley Bland's avatar
      Improve the senddead test · 45ceb3d0
      Wesley Bland authored
      Added another send call to this test to take out the race condition. Now, the
      test should fail under any circumstances if the send request isn't being
      cleaned up correctly.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHuiwei Lu <huiweilu@mcs.anl.gov>
    • Wesley Bland's avatar
      Fix configure related to --enable-error-checking · 48ec4d8a
      Wesley Bland authored
      The default --enable-error-checking (used when no additional value is
      included) value ended up getting set to "yes" instead of "default". This
      ended up preventing configure from passing under certain conditions.
      This changes the default to "all" and fixes the check for "yes".
      Signed-off-by: Kenneth Raffenetti's avatarKen Raffenetti <raffenet@mcs.anl.gov>
  2. 30 Oct, 2014 4 commits
  3. 29 Oct, 2014 5 commits
  4. 28 Oct, 2014 3 commits
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      Assign large blocks first in ADIOI_GPFS_Calc_file_domains · c16466e3
      Paul Coffman authored and Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham committed
      For files that are less than the size of a gpfs block there seems to be
      an issue if successive MPI_File_write_at_all are called with proceeding
      offsets.  Given the simple case of 2 aggs, the 2nd agg/fd will be utilized,
      however the initial offset into the 2nd agg is distorted on the 2nd call
      to MPI_File_write_at_all because of the negative size of the 1st agg/fd
      because the offset info the 2nd agg/fd is influenced by the size of the
      first.  Simple solution is to reverse the default large block assignment so
      in the case where only 1 agg/fd will be used it will be the first.  By chance
      in the 2 agg situation this is what the GPFSMPIO_BALANCECONTIG
      optimization does and it does not have this problem.
      Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <robl@mcs.anl.gov>
    • Paul Coffman's avatar
      MP_IOTASKLIST error checking · 976272a7
      Paul Coffman authored and Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham committed
      PE users may manually specify the MP_IOTASKLIST for explicit aggregator
      selection.  Code needed to be added to verify that the user
      specification of aggregators were all valid.
      Do our best to maintain the old PE behavior of using as much of the
      correctly specified MP_IOTASKLIST as possible and issuing what it
      labeled error messages but were really warnings about the incorrect
      portions and functionally just ignoring it, unless none of it was usable
      in which case it fell back on the default.
      Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <robl@mcs.anl.gov>
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