1. 31 Oct, 2013 2 commits
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      Removed unused single_op_opt field from MPID_Request · 255fb4a6
      James Dinan authored
      The single_op_opt flag in the request object was previously used to
      track whether an operation is a lock-op-unlock type, for the purposes of
      completion.  Tracking this state has been merged into the packet header
      flags, so the single_op_opt flag is no longer needed.
      Reviewer: goodell
    • James Dinan's avatar
      Added flags to MPID_Request · 90be9ee1
      James Dinan authored
      Added a flags field to MPID_Request that we can use to stash flags from
      suspended RMA ops and retrieve them later when we complete the operation.
      Reviewer: goodell
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    • David Goodell's avatar
      [svn-r6919] completion counter cleanup (adds MPID_cc_t) · 0a5c22ae
      David Goodell authored
      When compiled for fine-grained threading, the completion counter serves
      as a form of lockfree signalling.  As such, atomic access and memory
      barriers must be used to ensure correctness.
      In per-object mode, this code also contains valgrind client request annotations
      to inform Helgrind/DRD/TSan about the lockfree signalling pattern.
      No reviewer.
  11. 20 Oct, 2009 1 commit
    • David Goodell's avatar
      [svn-r5499] Make lock-free reference counting work again. · 56ac9120
      David Goodell authored
      There were several layers of brokenness that prevented lock-free
      reference counting from occurring. Some of this code has been brought
      over from the threads development branch, but most of it is new.  This
      code still contains many questionable uses of the reference count
      variables that need to be investigated and fixed (search for FIXME-MT).
      No reviewer.
  12. 26 Sep, 2009 1 commit
    • David Goodell's avatar
      [svn-r5374] Fix subarray test failures introduced in r4099. · 8e8831f3
      David Goodell authored
      The MPIDI_CH3U_Request_load_recv_iov function must fill the iov in the
      rreq at offset 0 *and* set rreq->dev.iov_offset to 0 because callers of
      this function as an OnDataAvail function don't know what action is
      occurring in the handler and can't set the offset to zero themselves.
      See r4099 and ticket #462 for some info on the previous test1_dt bug.
      Reviewed by buntinas@.
  13. 24 Sep, 2009 1 commit
    • William Gropp's avatar
      [svn-r5368] Use the correct type in the segment calls - it must be an... · efb35431
      William Gropp authored
      [svn-r5368] Use the correct type in the segment calls - it must be an MPI_Aint, not an MPIDI_msg_sz_t, particularly when the size of MPI_Aint is changed to match MPI_Offset (the segment calls specify an MPI_Aint at the last argument, for example.  This is part of the changes needed to make attributes work properly when --with-aint-size=8 is selected
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