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      [svn-r6919] completion counter cleanup (adds MPID_cc_t) · 0a5c22ae
      David Goodell authored
      When compiled for fine-grained threading, the completion counter serves
      as a form of lockfree signalling.  As such, atomic access and memory
      barriers must be used to ensure correctness.
      In per-object mode, this code also contains valgrind client request annotations
      to inform Helgrind/DRD/TSan about the lockfree signalling pattern.
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      [svn-r5368] Use the correct type in the segment calls - it must be an... · efb35431
      William Gropp authored
      [svn-r5368] Use the correct type in the segment calls - it must be an MPI_Aint, not an MPIDI_msg_sz_t, particularly when the size of MPI_Aint is changed to match MPI_Offset (the segment calls specify an MPI_Aint at the last argument, for example.  This is part of the changes needed to make attributes work properly when --with-aint-size=8 is selected
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