1. 25 Feb, 2015 1 commit
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      remove _XOPEN_SOURCE in code · 5a10283b
      Rob Latham authored and Kenneth Raffenetti's avatar Kenneth Raffenetti committed
      lustre, or specifically the header files lustre brings in (quota.h) show
      a problem with caddr_t not being defined if XOPEN_SOURCE is set.  We
      provided this define so we could make use of pread/pwrite, but instead
      we will use our replacement pread/pwrite if one does not exist.
      See #1973
      Signed-off-by: Kenneth Raffenetti's avatarKen Raffenetti <raffenet@mcs.anl.gov>
  2. 11 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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  4. 26 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      increase feature level for pread/pwrite · 33d82829
      Kenneth Raffenetti authored
      /usr/include/sys/feature_tests.h on Solaris says this about feature
      levels and C99:
         It is invalid to compile an XPG3, XPG4, XPG4v2, or XPG5 application
         using c99.  The same is true for POSIX.1-1990, POSIX.2-1992, POSIX.1b,
         and POSIX.1c applications. Likewise, it is invalid to compile an XPG6
         or a POSIX.1-2001 application with anything other than a c99 or later
         compiler.  Therefore, we force an error in both cases.
      ROMIO builds would fail with --enable-strict because _XOPEN_SOURCE=500
      was defined to expose pread/pwrite. Increasing the feature level to 600
      makes usage strictly compatible with C99.
      Signed-off-by: Rob Latham's avatarRob Latham <robl@mcs.anl.gov>
  5. 12 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  6. 26 Mar, 2014 7 commits
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      unused variable cleanup · 30b4ac9c
      Rob Latham authored
      we introduced some bluegene code to common code, which introduced some
      variable not used in common case. also, lseek no longer exists now that
      we use pread/pwrite.
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      feature request for pread/pwrite · 3e8d8114
      Rob Latham authored
      as with lustre, pread/pwrtie need a feature level newer than
      --enable-strict requests.  autoconf already checked for the function at
      configure time, so we know it's there.  TODO: more robust autoconf
      checks and provide a "my_pwrite" that wraps lseek/write for a fallback.
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      ad_bg to ad_gpfs major reorganization · d4b3106d
      Paul Coffman authored and Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham committed
      reconfiguration changes from bg to gpfs with platformspec; removal of
    • Rob Latham's avatar
      option to read/write to /dev/null · 87102f40
      Rob Latham authored
      Useful for situations like evaluating various collective I/O approaches.
      Reading/writing /dev/null eliminates file system variablity.
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      bluegene timing: condense into one set of timers · f3a43a5a
      Rob Latham authored
      bluegene timer code had two "levels" of timing.  that seemed kind of
      pointless so lump it all into one level.
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      use pwrite/pread instead of seek+write/read · 5bc8aedc
      Rob Latham authored
      this "new" system call (part of POSIX-2001) saves us a system call on
      Blue Gene.  Seems to get us back 5 seconds for one workload at small
      (half rack) scales.
    • Rob Latham's avatar
      bg-timing: DO NOT MERGE WITH MASTER: time lockless · c97af627
      Rob Latham authored
      bglockles uses the common read/write routines for contig read/wrties, so
      bluegene timing infrastrucutre wasn't actually timing anything.  Since
      this introduces blue gene bits into common code, please do not merge to
      master.  Instead, we should rework all the timing bits so that it no
      longer times "bluegene" but rather all of ROMIO.  Furthermore, the
      locky bits of 'bg:' driver should be yanked anyway, obviating the need
      for bglockless.
  7. 31 Oct, 2013 1 commit
  8. 16 Jul, 2013 1 commit
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      partial fix for tt 1742 · 7d44307f
      Rob Latham authored
      It would appear that we can get more than two gigs worth of data down to
      the write(2) and read(2) system call, but those syscalls fail to process
      all of it.  Perfectly valid behavior for unix to return less than
      requested, but until now, ROMIO never dealt with it.
      Still to do: update Blue Gene drivers
      closes ticket #1742  , since that ticket is only asking about I/O to
      less than two gigs.  Lots and Lots more work needed for larger than two
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