1. 21 Feb, 2013 15 commits
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  6. 07 Feb, 2013 2 commits
  7. 06 Feb, 2013 8 commits
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      clmake: use `\W` instead of `\b` · 5ffbf154
      Dave Goodell authored
      Patterns that end in non-word chars (such as `:`) will not match a `\b`
      atom when followed by a non-word like ` ` or `\n`.
      No reviewer.
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      ROMIO: fix buffer/datatype mismatch in Isend/Irecv · eed00728
      Dave Goodell authored
      Caught by the cool new type checking annotations in our `mpi.h` header
      that work with modern clang versions.
      No reviewer.
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      hydra: squash loop warning from modern clang · 748c0ae2
      Dave Goodell authored
      `-Wempty-body` will cause this, and is enabled by default in modern
      clang when configuring MPICH with `--enable-strict`.
      No reviewer.
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      fix Fortran MPI_WEIGHTS_EMPTY initialization · e12f4293
      Dave Goodell authored
      We were not communicating the MPI_WEIGHTS_EMPTY common block value to C
      via the `mpirinitc_` routine.  Also fix a minor warning about the C struct
      static initializer when `HAVE_C_MULTI_ATTR_ALIAS` is defined, as it
      usually is on Linux.
      The existing `dgraph_unwgtf` test does not catch this case.  AFAICS,
      there is no black-box way to test this behavior using only the MPI
      interface provided that the MPI library correctly implements
      `MPI_UNWEIGHTED` handling, since the MPI implementation is forbidden to
      inspect the pointer value other than to check whether it is
      `MPI_UNWEIGHTED`.  The best idea I've come up with so far is to create a
      sanity check routine that we can call from Fortran that ensures all
      Fortran-C interoperability constants are correctly recognized, but even
      that's a pretty weak test, since it must also be updated whenever a new
      Fortran common block is added.  This will have to do for now...
      Follow-up to [d6ceef97].
      Reviewed-by: dinan
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      clmake: more patterns and a regex fix · 9aa1c31b
      Dave Goodell authored
      Handle the case where GNU coreutils are installed in some odd `bin`
      directory, such as `gnubin`.
      Also fix a bad regex pattern (`[^\w]` means match a single character
      that is not `\` and is not `w`, rather than the opposite of `\w`, which
      is `\W`) by using the `\b` "boundary" atom.
      No reviewer.
    • James Dinan's avatar
      PERF: Overlap req/wait for lock-all on shr men win · 3593b5c0
      James Dinan authored
      Send out all lock requests before waiting for lock acquisition.  This
      should improve the performance of lock-all operations on shared memory
      Reviewer: goodell
    • James Dinan's avatar
      PERF: Flush should ignore inactive targets · 460cf5ca
      James Dinan authored
      This fix enables flush to ignore non-local targets that have not been targeted
      by an RMA operation.  Prior to this fix, a call to flush-all would result in
      acquiring the lock at all targets, which is extremely inefficient.
      Reviewer: goodell
    • James Dinan's avatar
      Eliminate enqueueing of lock op in RMA ops list · fbd95593
      James Dinan authored
      Prior to this patch, a lock entry was enqueued in the RMA ops list when
      Win_lock was called.  This patch adds a new state tracking mechanism, which we
      use to record the synchronization state with respect to each RMA target.  This
      new mechanism absorbs tracking of lock operation and the lock state at the
      target.  It significantly simplifies the RMA synchronization and ops list
      Reviewer: goodell
  8. 05 Feb, 2013 3 commits
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      explain external32 limitations in RELEASE_NOTES · 2bdb181f
      Dave Goodell authored
      references ticket #1754.
      No reviewer.
    • Dave Goodell's avatar
      tt#1754: fix warnings in ROMIO external32 code · d8eec549
      Dave Goodell authored
      This doesn't fix any of the serious bugs or inefficiencies present in
      the current external32 implementation.  But it at least fixes some very
      valid warnings related to const-ness and passing incorrect pointer
      References ticket #1754
      Reviewed-by: robl
    • James Dinan's avatar
      BUGFIX: Unlock piggybacking for Get_accumulate · 0b364068
      James Dinan authored
      GACC operations were both piggybacking the unlock message to the origin, and
      sending back a PT done packet.  This was causing the origin to be unlocked
      twice.  When another lock operation was performed between the GACC and PT done
      unlock operations, there was a synchronization race.
  9. 04 Feb, 2013 2 commits
    • Rob Latham's avatar
      feature-encode NTFS quirk · f71dd6e4
      Rob Latham authored
      NTFS does not have the POSIX "file exists until everyone closes it"
      property, so introduce the feature mechanism to NTFS and let ADIO know
      NTFS cannot rely on that property.
    • James Dinan's avatar
      Fix type incompat. for size_t in BSend degug msgs · 34249593
      James Dinan authored
      This patch updates BSend debugging messages to be compatible with new size_t
      arguments added in [7fa7e2cf].  Format strings are updated and size_t args are
      cast to unsigned long long.  Upconverting to the largest unsinged integer type
      is the only safe way to deal with this in pre-C99.  If we were coding to C99,
      we could have avoided the type cast and used '%z' directly in the format
      strings.  This closes ticket #1786.
      Reviewer: goodell
  10. 31 Jan, 2013 1 commit
  11. 30 Jan, 2013 3 commits