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    • William Gropp's avatar
      Recent versions of Cray Fortran may require a special arg to create modules · b6a06cd3
      William Gropp authored
      While testing on the Blue Waters development system, builds failed
      because the code for determining the Fortran Module options was unable to
      figure out the Cray compiler (naturally, this used to work).  Investigation
      showed that the compiler needs a "-em" option to create separate module
      files.  This change adds a test for that, if the compiler is unable to
      create module files without that option.  This also cleans up several other
      minor problems with this code.
  6. 02 May, 2013 2 commits
    • Pavan Balaji's avatar
      Revert accidental commit [99e8252a] · 657da4c2
      Pavan Balaji authored
    • Pavan Balaji's avatar
      Cleanup confdb macros. · 99e8252a
      Pavan Balaji authored
      1. AC_RUN_LOG is no longer an autoconf internal macro (it might have been
      at some point).  We can use it directly.
      2. Replace PAC_RUNLOG_IFELSE to use autoconf-native macros, plus some
      minor additional work.  Get rid of PAC_COMMAND_IFELSE and
      PAC_EVAL_IFELSE, which seem to be identical to PAC_RUNLOG_IFELSE.  One
      option is to just point them to PAC_RUNLOG_IFELSE, but this commit
      does not do that, since they seem to be unused.  Other projects that
      use these macros can just point to PAC_RUNLOG_IFELSE if needed.
      3. We no longer need PAS_VAR_COPY since AS_VAR_COPY is present in
      newer autoconf versions.
      4. PAC_VAR_PUSHFLAG and PAC_VAR_POPFLAG are duplicates of
      PAC_PUSH_FLAG and PAC_POP_FLAG.  Also, unlike the PAC_VAR_ macro
      variants, the flag is not updated by the PAC_PUSH/PAC_POP macros, so
      the older value is retained.
      5. The AM_IGNORE macro provided in confdb only works for a patched
      automake, with no patch available to use.  We should either have both
      or neither.
      6. aclocal_atomic.m4 is now replaced by OPA.
      7. The old F77 macros were kept around as backup when we moved to the
      new macros (though this is really the job of the VCS).  It's been
      several years since that was done.  We can safely remove the f77old.m4
      file.  It is still in git if we ever need to go back.
      8. Other general cleanup.
      No reviewer.
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    • Pavan Balaji's avatar
      [svn-r10161] Based on an IBM-contributed patch. · ba7a9671
      Pavan Balaji authored
       - add a default for PAC_SET_HEADER_LIB_PATH
       - refactor it to be a bit more readable and flexible
       - several corrections to the original code which used CFLAGS and
         CPPFLAGS incorrectly.
      Reviewed by buntinas.
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    • David Goodell's avatar
      [svn-r9135] completely overhaul the build system · 4153c8f8
      David Goodell authored
      Use automake+libtool instead of simplemake+createshlib.  Parallel make
      now works for real, and shared library creation should be more robust on
      more platforms.  "make dist" now works, modulo building the documentation,
      although for boring reasons we can't actually use it for the final
      distribution tarball generation.
      This is a massive change and without a doubt has some bugs in it.  We'll
      work through them as we find them.
      No reviewer.
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    • Anthony Chan's avatar
      [svn-r7918] fixed bug introduced in r7902 that leave out setting... · 74ba0e4d
      Anthony Chan authored
      [svn-r7918] fixed bug introduced in r7902 that leave out setting FFLAGS/FCFLAGS with cray-pointer flags if available.  Define a CRAYPTR_FFLAGS/FCFLAGS so user of the macros can choose to update FFLAGS/FCFLAGS with CRAYPTR_*FLAGS if necessary (instead update FFLAGS/FCFLAGS silently by the macros)
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    • Anthony Chan's avatar
      [svn-r6940] Replaced enable_fc=default setting by enable_fc=yes and set... · 3b52db93
      Anthony Chan authored
      [svn-r6940] Replaced enable_fc=default setting by enable_fc=yes and set enable_fc=no if any Fortran90 test fails.  Guarded all AC_PROG_[CC|F77|FC|CXX] so none of the *FLAGS would be set -g -O2.  Eliminated duplicated PAC_PROG_FC/PAC_PROG_FC_WORKS caused by inconsistent use of enable_fc=default.  Moved AC_PROG_[CC|F77|FC|CXX] right before the corresponding language tests to improve readability of the code.
  28. 14 Jul, 2010 1 commit
    • Anthony Chan's avatar
      [svn-r6852] Initial deposit that removes the AC_LANG=[Fortran 90] and replaces... · cf0f153c
      Anthony Chan authored
      [svn-r6852] Initial deposit that removes the AC_LANG=[Fortran 90] and replaces it by AC_LANG=[Fortran] which is officially supported by autoconf.  The replaced PAC macros in aclocal_fc.m4 is also rewritten by replacing all use of AC_TRY_* by AC_*_IFELSE style as recommented by autoconf.  The change also removes some old autoconf macros date back to at least 2.13 as in aclocal_cross.m4.  The change that users see is to use FC/FCFLAGS instead of F90/F90FLAGS which will no longer be supported.  This also includes some misc fixes that allow mpif90 to access mpi.mod during build process....
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