Commit ffaa162c authored by Pavan Balaji's avatar Pavan Balaji
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[svn-r6621] In order to check for the size of OPA_ptr_t, we need to make sure

appropriate variables are declared for it to work in emulation mode as
well. This showed up as an error with the suncc compiler on linux
which is not natively supported by OPA.
parent be81b5a4
......@@ -5991,7 +5991,10 @@ AC_SUBST(subsystems)
# Find the size of OPA_ptr_t. This step needs to come after the OPA
# configure above in order to get the size OPA_ptr_t evaluated for
# this platform.
AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(OPA_ptr_t,-1,[#include "${master_top_srcdir}/src/openpa/src/opa_primitives.h"])
#include "${master_top_srcdir}/src/openpa/src/opa_primitives.h"
pthread_mutex_t *OPA_emulation_lock;
if test "$enable_f77" != "yes" ; then
# These are Fortran datatypes ONLY. Set to null if no Fortran compiler.
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